About Us


Andes Fence is a family owned & operated business, established in 1994. We offer a full-service solution to all your fencing needs.

Andes Fence is committed to providing quality service at competitive prices.

Why Choose Andes Fence?

Andes Fence is fully licensed and insured. Our many years of experience and top-notch customer service, allow us to tailor our services so that all clients are satisfied, and their homes and businesses are truly secure.

At Andes Fence, we adhere to the latest building requirements of the South Florida Building Code in a professional manner, and according to standard practices.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Fabrication of Fences and Gates
  • Distribution of Fences and Gates
  • Installation of Fences and Gates

All our fences and gates are customized to our customers’ requirements, from the design to the materials. We work with most types of materials; such as Aluminum, Chain Link, Galvanized Metal, PVC, Recycled Composite, and Wood Fences among others.

Our fences and gates are professionally designed, fabricated and installed by Andes Fence’s staff, always adhering to a high-quality standard. You can count on our many years of experience to help you find the perfect fence and gate to suit your needs.